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CAT-Tech is a laboratory certification and testing company specialising in controlled clean air systems for containment environments where safety and protection of both personnel and product is crucial.

Ronely Industries cc trading as CAT-Tech, is a privately owned and independent small company specializing in the repair, service and certification of biological and laboratory primary containment devices including (Micro)Biological Safety Cabinets (Class I; II & III); Laminar Flow Benches, BSL1-4 Laboratories, Cleanrooms and Aseptic Cleanroom; Downflow Benches, Fume Cabinets, HVAC, Hospital Theatres.

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CAT-Tech staff has acquired experience of more than 20 years in all aspects of laboratory validation and certification

Fully accredited


Fully Accredited Technicians to both National & International Standards in
Certification and Primary Containment Equipment including:-

(Micro) Biological Safety Cabinets (Class I, II and III)

Laminar Flow Cabinets

Fume Cabinets/Hoods

BSL 1-4 Laboratories

Cleanrooms &
Aseptic Rooms

Hospital surgical Theatres

HVAC Systems

HEPA Filters and Filtration


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